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Article: This is how you find your perfect work bag

Werktassen voor dames en heren

This is how you find your perfect work bag

When it comes to work bags, you have to choose carefully. This bag is what you take with you every day to the office, meetings and business trips. The work bag you choose will complete your look and represent your image when you enter a meeting.

Furthermore, the work bag you choose will contain your laptop and important documents, as well as personal items. The market for work bags is broad and you can choose from different types of bags. So when buying your work bag, keep the following 6 criteria in mind.

1 – The use

What to use for your work bag should be the first question you ask yourself. Right, the headline was to find a work bag, so probably for work, but even then there are different ways to use your bag. Do you carry your mobile office with you, or do you only take documents and occasionally your laptop with you?

2 – The appearance

Even though the bag should be for work, a work bag is definitely made to suit your look and be pleasant to look at. Your choice may be business-oriented, but the bag should also be something that you don't compromise on style - practical yes, but also fashionable.

3 – The color

Match your work bag with your outfits! You certainly have some classic pieces in your wardrobe such as the black dress or your favorite blouse. Choose a work bag in colors that match your outfit.

4 – The size

A work bag must always be in a size to carry at least A4 documents. But you also have to take the size of your laptop into account. Most laptops are between 13 and 17 inches , which has a major influence on choosing the right work bag.

5 – The interior

Think not only about the use of the work bag, but also about what you want to put in it. In the previous point you defined the size based on your laptop, so probably the laptop is on the list, but there will be many more items. Your phone, a notebook, pens, business cards, your wallet and much more - you'll see that even though you didn't think you needed much, your work bag will finally fill up quickly.

6 – The material

The material of your work bag not only determines how long the bag lasts and what the quality is, but also how the bag is made and whether it is a sustainable solution. At De Bagszaak you will find work bags made of leather and other materials that are made in a sustainable way. 

Straight to the right collection?

Work bags ladies

Men's work bags

The top 3 brands of work bags at De Bagszaak

  • Socha is a German bag brand that stands out for its particularly stylish designs with a lot of attention to functionality. 
  • Tuscany Leather bags are made in Italy, with 100% genuine Italian calf leather and come with a 24-month warranty guaranteed by the manufacturer.
  • dR Amsterdam has been setting the tone in luxury and trendy leather goods for years. Trendy bags with uncompromising quality. Made from sustainable materials and designed with extra attention to functionality. Made for years of pleasure and indispensable in every wardrobe.

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