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Article: Looking for the perfect laptop bag?

Laptoptassen voor heren en dames bij De tassenzaak

Looking for the perfect laptop bag?

A laptop bag is a bag with a specific compartment for storing your laptop. Laptop bags can come in many different forms, including laptop backpacks, satchels, and briefcases, etc. The compartments of laptop bags should be padded to protect your laptop from dirt, scratches, or other damage. Laptop bags are ideal for work trips as they can help you transport your device safely and efficiently.

Which laptop bag is the best?

The best laptop bags should hold your laptop without allowing it to move around too much in the bag. To ensure it is the correct size, measure your laptop and check the item description to see what size laptop the laptop bag can hold. If your laptop is heavy, a laptop backpack may be a wise choice because it means you don't have to carry your laptop on one side of your body. Laptop backpacks can generally hold many additional items that you may need in addition to the laptop itself. When buying your laptop bag, take the following 5 criteria into account.

How do you choose a laptop bag?

  1. Always check the size of your laptop before choosing a laptop bag. The laptop bag must be compatible with the size of your laptop, otherwise it will be of no use to you. The bag should also have room for laptop accessories such as charger, mouse, etc. Most laptops are between 13 and 17 inches , which has a strong influence on choosing the right laptop bag.

  1. If you are someone who travels a lot, you should look for a laptop bag that can hold your travel essentials along with your laptop. Go for a bag that is larger in size and has multiple compartments. The laptop bag you choose should have room to carry your laptop, as well as a wallet, books, and other essentials.

  1. It is important to look for a laptop bag that is made of strong and durable materials. The bag should be able to handle the weight of your laptop and other essentials without tearing. Laptop bags made of thick materials such as leather and nivodur are more durable and can carry a bit more weight.

  1. Always check whether the laptop bag is water resistant. Water resistant bags have the ability to prevent water from seeping into the bag. This feature is important to protect your laptop from water in the rainy season.

  1. Different laptop bags come with different types of handles. Some models come with a removable shoulder strap and main handle. This provides flexibility and makes it easier to carry the laptop bag. You can use the shoulder strap for long trips.

How to measure the laptop to choose the right laptop bag?

It is easy to measure the size of your laptop. The size of the bag depends on the screen size of the laptop. Always measure the screen size first. Then measure the height, width and depth of the laptop. Choose a laptop bag that is suitable for both the screen size and other dimensions of the laptop.

Straight to the right collection?

Laptop bags ladies

Laptop bags men

Top 3 brands of Laptop bags at De Bagzaak

  • Socha is a German bag brand that stands out for its particularly stylish designs with a lot of attention to functionality. 

  • Tuscany Leather bags are made in Italy, with 100% genuine Italian calf leather and come with a 24-month warranty guaranteed by the manufacturer.

  • dR Amsterdam has been setting the tone in luxury and trendy leather goods for years. Trendy bags with uncompromising quality. Made from sustainable materials and designed with extra attention to functionality. Made for years of pleasure and indispensable in every wardrobe.

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