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Article: Are you going for a crossbody bag?

crossbodytassen leer voor dames en heren bij De tassenzaak
Crossbody tas

Are you going for a crossbody bag?

Bags are a very important part of any outfit. While different types of bags are useful, crossbody bags are more than just useful. So every woman or man should have at least one crossbody bag. Wait a minute, why? Let's check it out;

1 - Versatility

There aren't many bags as versatile as crossbody bags. They are so easy to just throw over your shoulder and go. There is hardly a designer who does not make crossbody bags. They are available in many colors, but many people still choose the black version. The reason for this is very simple: versatility.

A black crossbody bag matches any outfit and is suitable for any occasion. Carrying a black crossbody bag means you don't have to change your bag every day to match your look - you can wear it for days if you want as it will be a great choice with your current outfit.

2 - Style

In addition to their versatility, crossbody bags are also chic and stylish. Adding a crossbody bag to your outfit means adding an effortless and cool vibe to your look of the day. These bags are ideal for shopping and multitasking because your hands are free.

3 - Functionality

By definition, a crossbody bag is designed to be worn on one side of the body with the strap over the opposite shoulder. That said, you can wear it however you want, including just throwing it over the shoulder. However, carrying crossbody is the most functional and practical way because the bag is close to you all the time and your hands are free.

There is nothing better than walking through the city without any worries! You definitely don't want to fiddle with your bag while shopping or doing errands.

Straight to the right collection?

Crossbody bags for women

Men's crossbody bags

Here you will find the top 3 brands of Crossbody bags at the Bag Store

  • Tuscany Leather bags are made in Italy, with 100% genuine Italian calf leather and come with a 24-month warranty guaranteed by the manufacturer.

  • dR Amsterdam has been setting the tone in luxury and trendy leather goods for years. Trendy bags with uncompromising quality. Made from sustainable materials and designed with extra attention to functionality. Made for years of pleasure and indispensable in every wardrobe.

  • Tony Perotti is an Italian designer committed to offering exceptional character and functionality in every product. He personally develops each item to the maximum standard of craftsmanship and superiority before it leaves his factory.
    Tony Perotti's lifelong respect for the environment has led him to seek more ecologically correct tanning methods that are not harmful to people and the environment.

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